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Emily Davenport and Mary Olivia Roberts are Open!

These were reserved roles that have never been auditioned so they are now fully open. We are waiting for auditions and questions! 

-Admin L

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We have a lot of open FC’s!!!

Just like Taylor Swift, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Matt Lanter, Jennifer Lawrence, Tyler Blackburn, etc. Come check us out!!

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Please make sure to follow the following accounts!!

Chloe Jessica Williams

Drake Evans

Hanna Stanley

Summer Davis

Liam Tyler

Jake Flynns

Nicole Jessica Smith

Emma Goodlock

Samantha Peterson

Mary Brown

There’s also a Masterlist on our Main Page. Still awaiting some Links for several characters

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genuinebeauty-xo asked: "Nicole J. Smith here! :)"

:DDDD Everyone follow Nicole! -L

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jakeflynns-deactivated20120915 asked: "Jake Flynns here! :D"

Woohoo! Every follow Jakey Bakey hehe :) -L

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noelsherman-inparis asked: "Summer Davis here :)"

:D Everyone follow Miss Summer Davis! -L

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maxjamison-deactivated20131030 asked: "Hanna Stanley here! Xox"

Yay! Everyone follow Miss Hanna Stanley! -L

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inculpxtus asked: "This is the account for Liam"

Great! Everyone follow Mr. Liam Tyler! 

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Every Member of the RPG should make sure to track the “rw link” Tag!!!

In that way you won’t miss a thing :) -A

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Anonymous asked: "app count?"

Samantha Peterson: 1

Kristen Parker: 1

Emma Goodlock: 1

Mary Brown: 2

Connor O’Donnell: 1

Chloe Jessica Williams: 1

Care to change that? :) -A

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